Yurchenko Layout

            Training: Yurchenko 1/2 and Yurchenko full


Uneven Bars:

Kip on to high bar- cast handstand- pak salto- kip cast handstand- 1/2 pirouette- jump to high bar

- kip cast handstand- clear hip to handstand- giant- giant- double back dismount

        Training: Ray, Tchachev, Church, Maloney, Van luen, full in dismount


Balance Beam:

Straddle split mount, back handspring- back handspring, switch leap to back tuck, split jump to pike jump,

aerial- back tuck with a 1/2 dismount

           Training: Back handspring-layout step out, front aerial, aerial on the beam to back layout full dismount

Floor Exercise: 

Front layout to front full, back layout 1 1/2, front pike to front pike, switch side leap- popa, double turn

            Training: Front layout to front full, front layout to front pike,2 1/2 back twist, double back, front 1 1/2,

                             Round off 1 1/2 to front pike